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Our personal, bespoke service is the solution to your recruitment needs.


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Thomas Plumbly, placed at Clear Group, wrote:

David has been SUPERB!
From the very outset David understood my wants and needs that I required from a new job.
Not only did he respect my needs (which were unusual for someone of my age) but also was extremely useful to speak to on the grounds of counsel.
Within a week I received a multitude of interviews, and unlike with other agents these were all relevant interviews with great companies and opportunities. 
Often you are asked in interviews to summarise yourself in three words; well I would summarise David as the following:
I would have no trouble in recommending David in less than a why are you waiting.



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Our experience


Leslie James Associates (LJA) is a recruitment consultancy which specialises exclusively in the placement of experienced general insurance personnel throughout the UK.


Our relationships have been established with many of the top employers in this space, particularly top 100 UK brokers with many of whom we are an approved supplier but we are of course also involved in recruiting for firms of all sizes.


Our client contacts are predominantly at the level of CEO, MD and Senior Director so we are very close to the decision makers in our client businesses


Leslie James is involved in the full gambit of recruitment activity within the insurance sector, dealing with assignments for the recruitment of a full range of personnel through to Senior Directors and teams.


We have a special focus on the commercial broking sector - Account Handlers, Account Executives/Client Directors, New Business Producers, Appointed Representatives, Teams etc.


All of this serves to ensure we are able to provide a personal, effective, accurate and knowledgeable service to candidates and clients in all walks of the industry.

Our knowledge


The British poet, Sir John Davies, once said "Zeal without knowledge is the sister of folly." We recognise that no matter how enthusiastic we might be, we need to stick to what we know...and know very well indeed. That is the cornerstone of our philosophy.


At Leslie James, what we DO know about is insurance recruitment. In fact, we have known about it for a very long time and, as a result, we have inevitably enjoyed much success matching the right candidates with the right jobs and vice versa. We  likewise take great pride in the fact that our clients and candidates come back to us time and again.


We are not, however, prone to complacency. We work in a market which is contantly changing and evolving. Mergers, acquisitions, restructures,  management changes, regulation and economic cycles are just a few of the factors which require our full attention on an ongoing basis. Without this, we would simply not adapt to the changes and needs brought about by these various transformations.


Our credibility


Credibility as well as respect are not given, they have to be earned. It is only by providing a service which truly and consistently meets the needs of both clients and candidates that any recruiter can hope to  engender the trust and respect of those with whom it deals. We never forget this fact and are extremely grateful for the repeat business and continual recommendations which we consider to be a testament to the quality of our service.


At Leslie James, we focus on the supply of quality rather than quantity and we believe that it is this which safeguards our reputation and ensures our high client retention and low candidate failure rates.


Dealing, as we do, with appointments at all levels through to Senior Managers and Directors, we are fully conscious of the need to maintain our credibility at all times. In our world, today's candidate is often tomorrow's client, tomorrow's candidate is often the source of our next referral and making a 'fast buck' will normally lead to a long term loss. All important principles which we dare not ignore.


We recognise the importance of providing a quality, personal service within what is, at the end of the day, a “people business”.





How many times have we heard an organisation say "We're different", only to endure an experience which simply confirms "they are the same"?


We know that it's no good just saying it, you have to back up your statement with actions! So, what truly makes Leslie James different from the "rest of the pack"? Well, it's not rocket science but it is extremely effective and here is how it  works:


We LISTEN and so we don't waste anybody's time - that means only appropriate candidates  are submitted to clients and only appropriate vacancies are suggested to candidates. 'Round pegs into round holes'.


Unlike many of our competitors, we are essentially candidate rather than client driven. We are really not interested in "farming" vacancies for the sake of it, many of which we know we will be unable to fill because, in a market where there is a skills shortage, how could we pretend we can? All this does is degrade our reputation with clients. What we do instead is to very discreetly market selected candidates to a directly relevant audience . In this way, our clients know that they only hear from us when it is relevant and our candidates know that they can rely on us for an accurate and targeted approach. A 'win win' situation all round.


The vast majority of our client contacts are senior executives, mostly at Board level which means that, if a decision needs to be taken, we are speaking to the right person!



Sadly, of course, the paramount priority of "customer satisfaction" is all too often lost in some organisations' quest to make a fast buck or sometimes the idea that the right approach is to 'throw mud at the wall and see how much will stick'. Others operate in the mistaken belief  that "It's ok if we mess up, we can always get it right next time". At Leslie James, we treat each assignment from each of our clients as if it is our last, knowing full well that if we mishandle it, it may indeed be our last!


As a client of Leslie James, we are committed to providing you with the following:


A no nonsense, quality driven approach with a focus on excellence.


A dedicated, knowledgeable and insurance industry experienced Consultant who will provide you with a personal service and ensure continuity and consistency for you.


Adherence to the principles of proper conduct set out by the industry's Trade Body, the Institute of Recruitment Professionals.


A steady flow of relevant and high calibre candidates who are drawn to us through our advertising as well as being attracted by recommendation and referral. Additionally, our wide and long established contact network enables us to undertake headhunting assignments effectively, expediently and discreetly.


Competitive rates and Terms of Business incorporating generous refund and credit provisions offering protection and security for our clients.


If you need a high level of service, call us on 0800 912 9994 or email us at



When you register with Leslie James,  you will:


  • Be assigned an experienced Consultant who will have an insurance industry background - someone  who 'speaks your language' and understands your market.

  • Have the opportunity to clearly express your requirements and your preferences and not have these subsequently ignored.

  • Not find your CV being sent speculatively around the market and not be sent on interviews for positions which are inappropriate for you.

  • Benefit from a pro-active, accurate and highly targeted service with discreet and confidential approaches made to key decision makers.

  • Remain constantly informed of the progress of applications.


From the above, you will stand a far greater chance of securing the RIGHT opportunity, expediently and with minimal fuss.


Please do note that many of the opportunities developed for our candidates are derived from:


  • Clients who have not instructed any other recruiter.

  • Senior Manager and Director contacts within our clients' businesses who, because of the faith they place in our recommendations, will often meet with and create opportunities for candidates where no specific recruitment requirement has been stated.


If you wish to discuss or be considered for opportunities in your field of expertise, please feel free to contact us on 0800 912 9994 or submit your CV by email to



From Clients

"I’ve worked with David for some time now and found him to be nothing short of professional, genuine and straight to the point, which is exactly what everybody needs. David is a perfectionist in his field and every opportunity he works on he exceeds my expectations.
When it comes to people or job chemistry, David is a fount of knowledge and knows exactly what he is doing. Building relationships often takes many years but with David, this seems to come naturally making it a pleasurable experience to work with Leslie James Associates. He is held in high regard and provides us with quality candidates time after time; never compromising the standards of service we receive.
I have no hesitation in recommending Leslie James Associates… trust me you won’t be disappointed!"

Oct 10, 2016

Rupa Jethwa- Assoc CIPD

Group Head of HR at Kelliher Insurance Group

I am very happy to recommend David. He has been very supportive to our growth plans by promoting a number of suitable candidates - long may it continue.

Clive Edwards, Operations Director, Sanctuary Holdings

Some key points about David are that he's a Professional in his field, knowledgeable, and delivers, a man full of experience."


Ketan Patel, Principal at Artemis Insurance Brokers

Leslie James Associates have established themselves as one of the preferred recruitment agencies and partners for our offices in the City of London. Key to this partnership is a thorough understanding of the needs of our business and the calibre of the people we will employ.  Unlike many agencies, our time is not wasted by CVs that do not match the criteria we have supplied or that are provided by weak applicants. For Oval, our people have to be of the highest calibre even for the most junior of roles and therefore our recruitment partners are important for our growing business

"I'm not in the habit of recommending recruiters but in this instance I would make an exception."

Neon Mavromatis, MD Construction Division at Kerry London Ltd

I have dealt with Leslie James for many years – they stand apart from others by sending me only quality candidates who should fit my business requirement, no junk lists, no dumps of what are on the books when I have a vacancy, no time wasting – just targeted, thought-through potential employees

Mark Nevitt, Managing Director, Clarke Roxburgh Insurance Brokers Ltd (Part of Jelf Group plc

David is a straight forward, honourable professional and takes a huge amount of pride in what he does. If your looking for someone to understand your needs and provide solutions then David is your man. I would recommend David and his firm to any firm looking to use a true recruitment professional.
Scott Sayce, Owner and Managing Director at Sayce Insurance Brokers

David Leslie has consistently produced a steady stream of quality candidates that have matched our business needs. He has done this by getting to know our business and our people and then demonstrating an extraordinary tenacity in everything he does!"

Chris Blackham, Head of Endorphin Group

Former Chairman and CEO, Layton Blackham Group

Former Chairman and Joint CEO, Venture Preference Ltd (Bluefin 

For more testimonials

Peter Young, Divisional Managing Director, Oval Insurance Broking Limited, London

From Candidates

It’s rare to find a recruiter with such drive and determination.
As a candidate of David’s I found him to listen carefully to my needs and never gave up after a number of unsuccessful interviews. 
He seems to have a wide level of contacts with both large and small brokers alike after being sent for interviews with brokers of all shapes and sizes.
Unlike other recruiters out there, even the large ones, he will do the chasing on your behalf. Feedback is so important to any candidate and he will give this to you quickly (however brutal) and not leave you hanging on.
I am happy to recommend David to anybody else looking for the next stage in their insurance career.

January 23, 2018

Ian Gover, placed as Account Executive at MRIB

"I can't recommend David highly enough. His support and attention to detail throughout the process was second to none. If your looking for the next career move, use David, you won't be disappointed."

June 30, 2017

David McGroarty

Placed as Construction Professional Indemnity Broker/Account Executive at Kerry London

"David is the most incredible consultant I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has links to pretty much all the MD's and Senior staff in the sector, and is both very persistent and professional in his approach.
He kept me in the loop throughout the entire process, and has become a great friend and support. He used his vast experience to not only put me in front of the biggest names in the market, but also to find me the job of my dreams.
He continues to be my biggest advocate, support and never have I worked with anybody who goes so far above & beyond their call of duty to help others.
David is truly one in a million, and an absolute superstar! Words couldn't express how much I appreciate everything he has done, and continues to do to even now I'm employed.
If you need a job, David is 100% your man! I guarantee he'll never let you down!

Mar 7, 2017

Michelle Renders

Placed as Divisional Director/Head of Real Estate, London, Jobson James Insurance Brokers

"David does what he says he will do! The attentiveness and dedication to place an individual with the right employer is exemplary.
It took me a while to find a recruiter who actually takes an interest in you as a person and takes their role seriously. Most recruiters play at it, all the while forgetting that there is an individual relying upon them waiting for a call. David blows them away! He's what a recruiter should be.
Great guy, top recruiter. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him." Oct 6, 2016

Hugh King, placed as Corporate Business Development Manager at Kerry London Ltd

"If all recruitment agencies were as good as David finding a job would be so much easier.
I was unemployed for ten months, one conversation with David and a month later I have a job,,,,,,,,,
Definitely the best recruitment consultant I have met and I would not hesitate to recommend." Sep 14, 2016

Kevin Woodhouse,

placed as Senior Construction Account Handler at Kerry London

"Essentially David did what he said he would do and got me in front of some very well respected marketing leading businesses. During the entire process he was attentive and followed up when he said he would. The end result was a role with a great employer doing something I enjoy. I would call that a success. Thank you David." Sep 14, 2016

Mike Nightingale, placed as New Business Manager, Flint Private Clients

"David was very helpful and professional in getting me the new role that I started last September" February 6, 2016
Graham Pashley, placed as Commercial Account Handler at Towergate​

I would recommend David to anyone who is looking for a new role. He is supportive, enthusiastic and never gives up in finding you a role. " Jan 5, 2016

Helen Simmons, Education Account Executive, Marsh

David has been a clear cut above the rest throughout my search for a role in a new and foreign market to me. Davids ability to recognise strengths and outside of the box thinking has provided an outstanding result. A tenacious work ethic coupled with a desire to make a deal work for all parties combined with Davids extensive local and international network of insurance profesionals has achieved results that others can not. I highly recommend David to any future clients on both sides of the fence. Dec 24, 2015

Reilly Price, New Business Executive, placed at Clear Group

"I would like to thank David for his help in securing a new position with a national insurance broker. David's support and advice through the whole process has been excellent.
I would not hesitate to recommend David and his team to anyone who is considering looking for a new job or any organisation who is looking to recruit."

March 30, 2017

Chris Brudenell, placed as Account Manager at Bollington Insurance Brokers

"David has incredible links into all the major companies and is very persistent in his approach, meaning I got the opportunity to interview for many of these, including ones I had personally earmarked as companies of interest.
He kept me in the loop throughout the process and used his vast experience to guide me through a very important career choice.
If you're looking for a new job in the insurance industry, David is definitely a strong choice.

December 22, 2016

Michael Barratt, placed as Business Development Executive at NFU Mutual

"I am more than happy to recommend David to anyone looking for a new role within insurance. He is supportive, enthusiastic and tenacious with a wealth of knowledge within this sector."

July 15, 2016
Gavin Cox, placed as Development Executive at Towergate

"David certainly goes the extra mile by fully utilising his connections within the industry to get candidates in front of potential employers, His knowledge and understanding of the industry ensures suitable opportunities are made available that might not otherwise have been explored. David works hard to make things happen!" April 4, 2016
Trevor M Palmer, Senior Property Account Executive

I have known David since 2005 and he has successfully assisted me with finding new positions on two occasions. The last time being my current role. From my experience David is well connected and works hard on your behalf. He keeps in touch, provides updates and will return your phone calls. Interviews are arranged only for those positions that are suitable. I found that even when making contact with him after a number of years he remembered me and the role he last placed me in, emphasising that person touch. If you are serious about changing your role then do speak with David. Apr 12, 2015 
Toby Edwards, Account Executive, placed at Stackhouse Poland

A good friend / old work colleague had worked with David in the past and recommended. I found my contact with David extremely pleasant and insightful. From our first phone conversation I felt he took the time to get to know me, my career and asked the right questions about my current role and the new opportunity I was looking for. I would highly recommend David. Thank you for all your help! Apr 5, 2015

Phil Smith, Account Executive, placed at Lorica Insurance Brokers

I had the pleasure of working with David when hunting for a new role within the insurance industry. David and I talked through my requirements and very soon afterwards he was able to source an interview via his very many connections. The whole process was dealt with professionally and efficiently and thankfully I managed to secure the position I needed. I would strongly recommend Leslie James Associates to anyone searching for a new role that wants to be placed in front of the right people. May 19, 2015

John Stringer Cert CII, placed at Stackhouse Poland

"David was instrumental in getting me in front of the right people. He used his contacts within the industry to find several roles to suit me, within a short period of time. He also offered excellent advice on evaluating offers to pick the right role. I have and will continue to recommend David's services. Feb 6, 2015

Adam Drawwater, Account Manager at GKS IB

I am delighted to recommend David. He is supportive, enthusiastic and just does not give up. Always a pleasure.

July 18, 2015
Clive Smith, Account Executive, Jelf Group

David has been a pleasure to deal with. He is both professional and friendly and has found me a wonderful opportunity to work with. I cannot recommend David enough and can only suggest that if you are seeking to change employment that you speak with David before going anywhere else. July 15, 2015

Marc Hyman, placed at Towergate as Account Executive



As explained elsewhere on this site,  we do not operate in the same way as many of our competitors. In particular:


Many of our vacancies are not advertised in order to maintain discretion for our clients and similarly, many of the assignments we handle are exclusive to us.


Being largely 'candidate driven', many of our vacancies are harvested through the discussion of potential candidates with our clients.


Our vacancies can be viewed and applied for on the Insurance Jobs website - click on the link below:




What you should know is that our client and therefore candidate reach is nationwide. If you are interested in us acting for you, do call us on 0800 912 9994 or email a copy of your CV to us, in confidence, at


Are you a broker looking for a valuation or sale of your business? 

Our sister business, LESLIE JAMES ACQUISITIONS, specialises in

the sale of brokerages to a range of acquirers.




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